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Question: Why should I consider bathtub refinishing over replacement?
If you are considering replacing over refinishing, you must consider these facts. To replace you must first tear out the existing tub which may damage the existing tile or wall. Then you must purchase a new tub to replace your old one. When replacing a tub, the demolition, replacement tub, and the installment labor can easily cost you over $2000 dollars and will usually take about a week and a half to two weeks to complete the replacement. Refinishing takes one day, depending on the job, and it will be ready for use again after 48 hours. Refinishing allows you to have all the benefits and the look of a new tub without the cost and time.

Question: What fixtures can be refinished , and will they look painted?
The EP-acrylic polymer coating looks beautiful on porcelain bathtubs, fiberglass showers, sinks, ceramic tile, clawfoot tubs, appliances, and on tile floors. Once these surfaces have been refinished, 9 out of 10 people will never know they have been refinished unless they are told.

Question: What is EP-acrylic coating?
EP-acrylic is a high performance acrylic polymer coating specifically designed for refinishing porcelain, fiberglass, formica, tile, and other surfaces. Once refinished with this coating, the fixture is left with a high-gloss, long-lasting finish. EP-acrylic is ISOCYANATE free and safer for the home and environment.

RubaDub Tub Refinishing is equipped to handle your refinishing needs. Whether it is in home, hotel, apartment, school or even tile on a car wash, call Rubadub Tub Refinishing today or go to the contact page to set up a job. Remember WE'LL PUT THE DUB BACK IN YOUR TUB!
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